Trump Fumes over Fox News Poll Showing Biden Ahead

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump is livid over a recent Fox News poll showing President Joe Biden with a narrow lead in the 2024 presidential election.

The survey showed Biden leading Trump 50% to 48% and marked a 3% shift from the May poll in which Trump led 49% to 48%. Conducted June 14-17, the survey questioned 1,095 registered voters and has a margin of sampling error of +/- 3%.

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Pennsylvania County Votes for ‘Non-Sanctuary’ Status to Protect Residents from Illegal Immigration

ABC 3340 A non-sanctuary city — that’s what one county in Pennsylvania discussed at a Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday night that disappointed some residents. East Hempfield Township supervisors said the resolution they proposed would “protect residents and businesses located within the township from illegal immigration.” However, some residents disagreed, arguing that…

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Swing State Election Boards Engaged in Legal Battles over Election Certification Ahead of November

County election boards in swing states across the country are engaged in legal battles over election certification ahead of the November elections, while others were threatened with legal action if they didn’t certify election results.

With the presidential election less than five months away, county election board members are either initiating or find themselves the subject of legal actions over the certification of elections. That process occurs before the state can certify election results.

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Industry Groups Sue over Biden Regulation Requiring Electric School Buses, Trucks

Rich Moskowitz, AFPM General Counsel

A coalition of industry groups have filed a lawsuit challenging a Biden administration rule.

A dozen groups joined together to sue the Environmental Protection Agency for the Biden administration’s new rule, finalized earlier this year, which requires model 2027 trucks to meet strict emissions standards that critics say are meant to push out diesel and gas vehicles and to replace them with electric vehicles.

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Senate Passes Major Pro-Nuclear Bill, Sends to Biden’s Desk

Sen Shelley Moore Capito and Rep Jeff Duncan (composite image)

The Senate passed a major piece of pro-nuclear energy legislation on Tuesday, sending the bill to President Joe Biden’s desk.

The legislature’s upper chamber passed the Fire Grants and Safety Act — a bill containing the text of the pro-nuclear ADVANCE Act — by a strong 88-2 bipartisan vote. The bill represents one of the most significant efforts undertaken in recent years by Congress to spur the country’s nuclear energy infrastructure and capacity, as well as a rare moment of consensus among both Democrats and Republicans on energy policy through Biden’s first term in office.

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Ecuador will Ask Chinese Citizens for Visas Due to an Increase in Illegal Migration

The government of Ecuador will begin requiring visas from Chinese citizens as of July 1, 2024, in response to the significant increase in irregular migration flows of citizens of this country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility declared that large groups of Chinese citizens have been detected who have not left the country within the 90 days of entry allowed or who use Ecuador as a starting point to reach other destinations in the hemisphere, especially To united states.

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Commentary: The Way to Unite America’s Political Spectrum Is Economic

Middle Class Rally

An insightful, if pithy, tweet surfaced recently on my feed. It nicely summarized what happened to neutralize an awakening electorate in America over the past decade:

“They got you fighting a culture war to stop you from fighting a class war. It was designed that way in 2012 when the woke left & right were created. Occupy Wall Street/The Tea Party were making inroads uniting the political spectrum & the people against Wall Street following the 2008 crash. ‘We’ll get them to argue about women & their cocks instead'”

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Foreign Aid and Student Loan Forgiveness Behind Massive Increase in Deficit Estimate, Congressional Budget Office Says

Joe Biden

America’s debt is growing faster than previously expected, largely due to actions taken by the Biden administration and recent legislation, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

The United States’ projected deficit is $1.9 trillion for the 2024 fiscal year, $400 billion higher than it was projected to be in February, the CBO announced Tuesday. CBO analysts increased their estimate due in large part to the foreign aid package signed by President Joe Biden in April and his administration’s efforts to reduce student loan balances.

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Chemical Pollution from East Palestine Train Wreck Blanketed Third of the Country, Study Reveals

East Palestine Train Derailment

Chemical pollution emitting from the East Palestine, Ohio, train crash in 2023 rained down on 16 different states, according to a study released on Wednesday.

A Norfolk Southern train carrying toxic chemicals derailed and crashed in East Palestine in February 2023, sending plumes of black smoke rising over Ohio and Pennsylvania. The smoke carried the chemicals and polluted 16 states, spreading over roughly 540,000 square miles of land, according to a new study published in Environmental Research Letters.

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Judge Denies Motion by Planned Parenthood to Dismiss Trafficking Lawsuit from Missouri AG

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey

Missouri GOP Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced Tuesday evening that a judge has rejected a motion by Planned Parenthood to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the state that alleges a clinic traffics minors out of state to obtain abortions.

“One step closer to eradicating Planned Parenthood from the State of Missouri,” Bailey wrote on the social media platform, X.

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Commentary: Gavin Newsom Wants to Be an Emperor

Gavin Newsom

A few weeks ago, while I was on my honeymoon in Rome, I was walking among the city’s ancient ruins. As I walked down the path that was once Rome’s main street, I suddenly encountered a man who I immediately recognized as California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

This was an insane coincidence because I have just authored a book on Gavin Newsom, which goes on sale today. In Newsom Unleashed: The Progressive Lust for Unbridled Power, I unmask Newsom’s dangerous arrogance and relentless pursuit of power.

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