Commentary: Peter Strzok Remains Exhibit A of the FBI’s Politicization

by George Neumayr


Before the Trump era, members of official Washington who held ostensibly nonpartisan positions of public trust made some effort to conceal their biases. Indeed, many of these figures would hold themselves out as uniquely apolitical and dispassionate. But sheer hatred of Donald Trump has made them throw off that mask. Turn on MSNBC or CNN at almost any hour of the day and you will hear their liberal ranting.

One can only laugh at the media’s pious invocations of the “intelligence community” given its descent into Democratic hackery. A former CIA director, Michael Hayden, appears to support the idea of applying the death penalty to Donald Trump over a dispute about classified documents. This is the same Hayden who signed a letter casting accurate stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation.

The American people should tremble at the thought of these Deep State weasels holding immense and unaccountable power over them. They are more dangerous than elected Democrats, who at least face the voters at the polls. The liberals who burrow into the Deep State do the most damage over the longest period of time. Their “nonpartisan” posture long aided them in this con. Under Trump, however, they couldn’t sustain that sham and revealed their ideological cards for all to see.

It is grimly comic to see Attorney General Merrick Garland, who runs the Justice Department like a liberal activist group, still pretending that he belongs to an apolitical bureaucracy. He insisted that he acted alone in raiding Trump’s home, as if that is supposed to reassure us. Instead, it confirms the dangers of a vengeful liberal Deep State that feels itself beyond the reach of the American people. An unaccountable bureaucracy in the hands of partisans is the monstrous Leviathan state come to life.

Even at this late date, even after everyone from John Brennan to James Comey has dropped any pretense of nonpartisanship, Peter Strzok of all people, the FBI agent who vowed to “stop” Trump, claims that the American people should “trust what the FBI is doing.” Strzok still hasn’t apologized for his meritless harassment of Trump for alleged Russian collusion. If anything, he uses his Twitter account and appearances on liberal cable talk shows to stoke anti-Trump conspiratorial nonsense, all while maintaining that the FBI remains impartial. The very fact that he rose to the heights of the FBI is Exhibit A of its decline.

An obvious measure of the politicization of the CIA and FBI under Barack Obama is that many of its senior leaders now have gigs as liberal pundits. They all failed upward, receiving sinecures of one kind or another from the ruling class. Former CIA head John Brennan, who once admitted that he voted for Soviet plant Gus Hall, frequently pops up on MSNBC to inveigh against Trump as a national security threat. Somewhere Vladimir Putin must be laughing. Could the KGB ever have dreamed that a former Gus Hall supporter would become the head of the CIA and a “national security” expert critical of Trump, a president whose entire agenda consisted of patriotism and putting “America first”? The gaslighting of the American people by Brennan, an aging radical who should never have been allowed anywhere near the CIA, is beyond parody.

Or take former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who plotted with Strzok to hatch an “insurance” plan against Trump in the form of a bogus collusion investigation. McCabe is a regular on CNN who plays dumb about the FBI’s politicization, of which he is an obvious example, and pontificates about the FBI’s great probity, even though Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz found him guilty of lying and criminal leaks. The commentary from this crowd — most of whom signed off on the utterly dishonest Carter Page warrant — is scarcely believable. Fresh from fudging evidence against him themselves, they tell us that the FBI is incapable of mendacity against Trump.

Trump has been at “war” with the FBI since the beginning, bleats McCabe. No, you were at war with him, falsely accusing him of treachery — a preposterous charge to which McCabe and Strzok still cling. They actually want us to think that a president committed to making America great again is itching to leak our secrets to foreign adversaries.

It is hard to overstate what a clown show the Deep State has become. The seething partisanship of the Strzoks is only exceeded by their incompetence. They look less like James Bond than Johnny English. After the FBI seized Trump’s passports stupidly and unlawfully, Strzok thought it funny to tweet out, “The Russian passport, of course, is kept in a vault at Yasenevo and only swapped out at third country meets, so it can’t be that one.”

Far from being disgraced or punished, Strzok is dining out on his Deep State mischief, enjoying a second act as a Trump critic. He is still shamelessly pursuing a lawsuit against the Justice Department for revealing his damning texts and sacking him. Who knows, he may win, given the sympathy judicial activists extend to liberal bureaucratic schemers. Like all the other villains in our endless anti-Trump saga, Strzok knows that he can play the victim and enjoy the permanent patronage of a ruling class beyond reform.

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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats’ Crypto-Socialist?
Background Photo “DOJ Building” by Coolcaesar. CC BY-SA 3.0.



Appeared at and reprinted from The American Spectator

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