Poll: Small Business Owners Trust Republicans to Help Them Amid Recession Fears

by Laurel Duggan


Small business owners believe they’ll benefit from Republican victories in the upcoming elections, according to a new poll.

Most small business employers believe the country is in a recession, and fear that economic conditions will put them out of business, with a majority believing a Republican victory will help them, according to the survey conducted by Rasmussen and the Job Creators Network Foundation (JCNF). The poll reflects a broader concern among voters about economic conditions and historic levels of inflation under the Biden administration.

The majority of small business owners, 55%, said Republicans would do more to help small businesses compared to 29% who chose Democrats, according to the poll.

Three in five small business employers believe the economy is in a recession, the poll found, despite Biden’s repeated denials that this is the case. Most respondents (59%) believed Biden’s tax policies were hurting small businesses, 71% believed Biden isn’t doing enough to combat inflation and 56% were concerned that economic conditions could force them out of business.

Respondents had widely unfavorable views of Biden’s economic policies: 72% believed taxpayers shouldn’t be responsible for paying off student loan debt, and 62% said the Inflation Reduction Act would actually increase inflation, the poll found.

“A majority of small business owners prefer Republican candidates to perform well on Tuesday, saying the outcome will better help the small business community,” Elaine Parker, president of JCNF, said in a statement shared with the Daily Caller News Foundation. “It’s not a surprise why: entrepreneurs want Congress to be a bulwark against Biden administration policies, not a rubber stamp. Out-of-control government spending, backwards domestic energy policies, and the threat of higher taxes and more government red tape has put the economy on ice. Come Election Day, voters should keep the small business perspective in mind.”

The poll surveyed 500 small business employers Oct. 6 – 26 with an accuracy of plus or minus 4.4%.

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Laurel Duggan is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
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