Poll: Only 38 Percent of Americans Believe in American Patriotism

by Eric Lendrum


A new poll by the Wall Street Journal has found that an alarmingly low percentage of Americans value patriotism and traditional American values.

As reported by Fox News, the WSJ/NORC poll showed that just 38 percent of respondents believe in the “importance of patriotism.” In the same poll in 1998, that number stood at 70 percent.

Commentator Katie Pavlich elaborated on the possible reasons for the sharp decline in patriotism, pointing to the American public education system shifting hard to the Left and promoting anti-American ideas such as Critical Race Theory, an anti-White concept which claims that America is a fundamentally racist nation.

“When it comes to the question you had about being proud to be an American,” Pavlich said on “The Five,” “when all of the institutions, government institutions, colleges, even elementary K-12 education teaches young people that America is a bad country, we shouldn’t be surprised that they don’t have any feelings about patriotism.”

Pavlich also blamed the trend on the Left’s ongoing push for “equity,” which essentially guarantees equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity, and thus prioritizes the hiring or admission of minorities rather than those who are the most qualified.

“Four years ago people said that tolerance was 80%; 80% of people said it was very important to them,” Pavlich explained. “Now it’s down 58%. They’ve been pushing equity as if that’s going to make everybody more tolerant.”

The Wall Street Journal poll was conducted from March 1st to March 13th, with a sample size of 1,019 adults.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
Photo “Person Holding Up an American Flag” by Josh Willink.




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