Solomon: ‘History Has Evolved,’ Now We Know Hunter’s Laptop ‘Worse’ Than We Thought

Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, interviewed veteran Washington journalist John Solomon, who is now the founder and editor-in-chief of Just the News about his coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop.

Solomon said that more than 50 senior national security Democrats confirmed for him that the laptop was legitimate when they released their Oct. 19, 2020 letter ascribing the laptop and its release to a Russian information operation.

Although mainstream media reporters and outlets quoted the letter as saying that the laptop was part of a disinformation campaign, the actual wording of “information campaign” tipped off Solomon that these national security leaders and experts had accepted that the laptop was real, but being exploited by the Russians, rather than something invented and or forged by the Russians.

Now the public knows that the content on the laptop is not only real, but worse than anyone could have imagined, he said.

Over time, the journalist and editor said his reporting on the laptop and the reporting of others has been vindicated, and the so-called experts have been exposed as making a partisan guess to affect the election. “History has evolved.”


McCabe: Hunter Biden’s laptop is an inventory of how President Joe Biden and his family mixed public service and private gain. Veteran Washington reporter John Solomon told The Star News Network how it was senior national security Democrats who confirmed the laptop’s validity.

Solomon: There’s been a false narrative out there. We saw people write letters, 50-plus national security experts saying, now this is very important, it gets misinterpreted. They never called it Russian disinformation.

McCabe: The October 19, 2020 letter, signed by more than 50 national security officials and intelligence officers, was a direct response to the New York Post expose of contents from Hunter Biden’s laptop five days earlier. Solomon said the letter itself was a clever manipulation of language.

Solomon: Disinformation means you create a false reality and then you spread it. Information means you take something that’s real, but then you try to use it to Russia’s advantage. They said it was used as a Russian. It had the hallmarks of Russian information, by the way. They had no actionable intelligence. This was just a guess on their part.

McCabe: The veteran Washington journalist said he seized on this as confirmation of the laptop, just as the mainstream media was pushing exactly the opposite.

Solomon: What that really means is the stories that I and others are writing were real. The Russians were just going to try to take advantage of “well, that’s what the Russians do.”

McCabe: With the mainstream media’s protection, candidate Joe Biden could dismiss questions about his family’s activities without fear.

(Joe Biden clip plays)

There’s overwhelming evidence from the intelligence community that the Russians are engaged.

McCabe: In fact, the day the letter came out, it was President Donald J. Trump facing hostile questions about the laptop from the press.

(Trump clip plays)

He is a criminal. He’s a criminal. He got caught. Read his laptop. And you know who’s a criminal? You’re a criminal for not reporting it.

McCabe: Solomon said time has proven him and others right.

Solomon: We get called conspiracy theorists, we get all these things, and then history has evolved. Hunter Biden did do things wrong, whether they’re criminal or not, the U.S. attorney will – but he’s been under investigation – at the time I and Peter Schweizer and others were being attacked. Everything we were saying was not only true, it was actually worse than we were saying.

McCabe: Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Washington.



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