Trump Vows to Fight Central Bank Digital Currency, Keep Crypto Independent

by John Solomon


Former President Donald Trump is vowing to fight any effort to create a central bank digital currency in the United States, saying the “right of self custody” is the key to the future of America’s cryptocurrency.

In a speech to a raucous crowd Saturday night, Trump told the Libertarian National Convention in Washington D.C. that he believes President Joe Biden is waging a “crusade to crush crypto.”

“We’re going to stop it. I will ensure that the future of crypto and the future of Bitcoin will be made in the USA, not driven overseas,” Trump said.

Biden two years ago issued an executive order that many fans of Bitcoin and other private cryptocurrencies panned. Among other things, it urged research on creating a national digital dollar.

Trump offered a vastly different policy vision in his speech Saturday night, promising to keep federal regulators out of the cryptocurrency business like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has urged.

“I will support the right of self-custody.,” the former president said. “To the nation’s 50 million crypto holders, I say this: with your vote, I will keep Elizabeth Warren and her goons away from your Bitcoin. And I will never allow the creation of a central bank digital currency.”

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John Solomon is an award-winning investigative journalist, author and digital media entrepreneur who serves as Chief Executive Officer and Editor in Chief of Just the News. Before founding Just the News,  Solomon played key reporting and executive roles at some of America’s most important journalism institutions, such as The Associated Press, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Newsweek, The Daily Beast and The Hill.
Image “Donald J. Trump” by Donald J. Trump.



Reprinted with permission from Just the News.

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