James Carville Says ‘It’s Inevitable’ Biden will Decide to Drop Out

James Carville
by Jason Cohen


Democratic strategist James Carville told NewsNation host Chris Cuomo on Monday that President Joe Biden will undoubtedly choose to withdraw from the presidential race “soon.”

DCNF-logoPanic about Biden’s age and fitness following his recent debate performance against former President Donald Trump prompted increasing high-profile calls for the president to drop out of the race. Carville, on NewsNation’s “Cuomo,” said that Biden and his family will soon “make the right decision” for the president to step aside.


“He’s going to come to the conclusion that this is just not a good idea. And he’s going to resist it and he’s going to listen to his family,” Carville said. “It’s all the same. ‘We blame the staff, then we blame the media. Then it’s the elites in the Democratic party.’ Do I look elite? What the hell’s elite about growing up in rural south Louisiana and going to LSU? And this is all across the country and I understand it’s all predictable and he’s got to go through this. And he’ll get there soon as opposed to later.”

Cuomo asked Carville where his “confidence” stems from in his thinking that Biden will drop out relatively soon.

“You know, Chris … I don’t predict things. I’m just telling you, it’s inevitable,” Carville responded. “He will come to the conclusion. People will get the message to him. He will understand. His family will understand. They’ll pray on it and they’ll make the right decision. I don’t have any doubt about it but while we dilly-dallying around here, somebody’s got to think of where we go from here.”

CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten said Monday he would “take a roll of the dice” on Vice President Kamala Harris as a replacement for Biden if he were a Democratic donor, as she is polling better with independent voters.

“If you take a look at the average of polls, in fact, she does slightly better than Joe Biden against Donald Trump,” Enten said. “While Joe Biden is trailing Donald Trump by three points nationally in an average of polls, Kamala Harris is only trailing Donald Trump by a single point. And the reason for that is, remember, we have the left part of this country, Democratic, we have the right part of this country, Republican, but elections tend to be won in the middle, among independents.”

Carville previously described Harris as the “most predictable politician I’ve ever seen,” while Cuomo characterized her as Biden’s Achilles’ heel.

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Jason Cohen is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
Photo “James Carville” by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0.



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