Commentary: A Mother’s COVID Regret

by Jonathan Barnes


One of the most alarming aspects of the new COVID-centric regime is how people have been deprived of the truth regarding potential harms of the COVID-19 vaccines and how citizens have been forced to get the vaccine due to bullying from medical authorities, the government, or an employer.

When the medical decision to get the jab, whether well-informed or not, is that of a parent making the choice for a child, such a potentially life-altering move might devastate two people, not just one patient. Good parents always want to do the best for their children, and making a medical decision for your child that might have terrible consequences is scary to consider.

That was the choice Carrie Edberg had to make in December 2022 when faced with pressure to have her son Milo, now 8, inoculated with the COVID jab. A registered nurse from Minnesota, Edberg was reluctant because she didn’t know how the jab would affect Milo, who has other health issues.

Milo was a micro-preemie—born at just 23 weeks. Because his lungs weren’t developed enough, he has lung issues. He was thriving, pre-jab.

“The doctor kept pushing me to have Milo get the vax. I didn’t want to give it to him, but finally I just gave in,” Edberg said.

Within a day of getting the jab, Milo developed breathing issues. By the following Sunday, he was on life support.

“At first they said it was pneumonia, and then they said it was a mitochondrial disorder, which came back negative. One of the doctors said it was a vaccine injury and would report it to VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System),” Edberg said. But when she asked the hospital whether they had reported the injury, they hadn’t. Eventually, after Edberg followed up, the doctor filed with VAERS.

Milo was on life support for six weeks. Then he was on a ventilator around the clock, which required a tracheotomy. He was hospitalized for four months. He had myocarditis, clotting issues, and left side paralysis, among his many symptoms. He still has left side weakness but no longer has the tracheotomy.

“The progress is good. He doesn’t have anything life-threatening now. But he’s not very vocal anymore,” she said. “Overall, he’s been developmentally delayed. Prior to the injury he was walking and eating food and making sounds. And he’s not making much sound anymore.”

She has learned a hard lesson as a result of the damage to Milo’s health.

“I’ve learned that I am always going to go with my gut. … Even today, if I bring up Milo’s injury, people kind of think I’m crazy. I’m not making it up. People have called me a horrible mother,” she said. “I felt like I was being harassed into getting him vaccinated.”

A single mother of seven sons, Edberg said the whole experience has opened her eyes. Her other children will not get the jab.

“You know, I love these kids, and I’d do anything for them. I want to make people aware there are life-threatening side effects to these vaccines. Our government should start admitting this problem and start helping these vaccine-injured people,” she said.

To many other Americans—whose eyes have been opened by the government pushing unproven, harmful medicines on the citizenry—the ills created by the jab seem to far outweigh the general risks from contracting COVID-19.

“We had COVID in my family three times, and Milo didn’t get it once. But he almost died from the vaccine,” Edberg said. “I don’t want to see other kids be vaccine-injured. Milo lost a year of his life, all because of a vaccine. I don’t want other families to go down the path that we did.”

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Jonathan Barnes is a freelance writer in Pittsburgh.




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