Arizona State Rep. Shawnna Bolick Launches Campaign for Secretary of State

Shawnna Bolick


State Representative Shawnna Bolick (R-Phoenix) has launched a campaign to enter the growing field of candidates running for Arizona’s secretary of state.

The position has dramatically increased its statewide profile after many individuals expressed concerns over the handling of the November 2020 election.

The Phoenix lawmaker argued — in a statement announcing her decision to run — that the office of Secretary of State has become too political.

Of her potential duties, Bolick said, “The Secretary of State is supposed to administer the papers and affairs of the state, work with businesses, and manage and certify elections. It requires hard work, focus, dedication, and a commitment to put responsibility ahead of personal or partisan preferences. But we have a failure of leadership that has led to rampant distrust in our elections. The real responsibilities of the job have been abandoned in favor of partisan posturing.”


Bolick was also one of the many individuals who questioned the security of the election. A bill sponsored by Bolick would allow the state legislature to revoke the certification of the presidential election results before an inauguration. Additionally, she supported a resolution to award the state’s electoral college votes to President Donald Trump.

According to her campaign website, restoring trust in elections will be her “priority goal” if selected to become Secretary of State. Further, Bolick promised to “check her politics – but not her principles – at the door.”

Bolick grows a large number of Democrats and Republicans jockeying for the top election official. On the Republican side, State Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita and State Rep. Mark Finchem have already started campaigning for the GOP nomination.

The position is being vacated by Democrat Katie Hobbs — opting to run for governor.

Arizona’s secretary of state’s position is unique as the official serves as the first in line to the governor — the state does not have a lieutenant governor.

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