DeSantis Announcement Met with Major Tech Issues, Trump Reacts with Meme

by Addison Smith


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s Twitter campaign rollout got off to a rough start Wednesday when the livestream crashed, prompting Trump to respond with a video meme contrasting it with his campaign announcement in November.

DeSantis posted a campaign ad to his Twitter before hopping on a Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk to announce his White House bid live, but for more than twenty minutes, the announcement was delayed because the Space kept crashing.

Twitter owner Elon Musk appeared to pin the crash on the high volume of users who tuned in to hear DeSantis speak, overwhelming the social media’s servers and setting off a string of glitches that led to President Trump making a meme of the technical difficulties.

Taking to Truth Social, the former President posted a video comparing a smooth livestream of his November campaign kickoff to DeSantis’s initially disastrous one by comparison.

The video shows Trump walking on stage at Mar-a-Lago to “God Bless the U.S.A” playing in the background. The video then abruptly cuts to a recording of the livestream where one host said the Twitter server was “melting.”

The video cuts back and forth between Trump’s announcement and DeSantis’s. Eventually, Musk can be heard telling DeSantis they’re “just trying to get [the livestream] going,” but are having trouble doing so.

After the long-delayed announcement, the Spaces was successfully relaunched on a different account.

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Addison Smith is a reporter and podcast host for Just The News.
Photo “Ron DeSantis” by Ron DeSantis. 




Reprinted with permission from Just the News 

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2 Thoughts to “DeSantis Announcement Met with Major Tech Issues, Trump Reacts with Meme”

  1. Gus Richards

    Things we can be sure of about Trump, he will do and say anything about a possible opponent. He will try to destroy any chance of someone else winning the GOP race, even though he knows he will never win another general election, so all he’s doing is making it easier for the democrats to actually win. The hate for Trump is wide and deep across this country and that alone will keep him from ever winning again. He is a vindictive person and his motto is, if he can’t win then he will make sure nobody else can. When are the republicans going to wise up and get behind someone that actually has a chance to win? I would never vote for him again!

  2. Political prisoner

    Very appropriate for Benedict Ronald. His admin is the most NON-Transparent starting with locking his travel agenda: where, with whom he’s meeting and who’s paying. Deep State RINO supported by Establishment Elites from his days in Congress. Look at his voting record and look at his broken promises…I’ll finish my term as Gov. If he wins, he’s leaving Floridians in the lurch two years before the end of his second term. I won;t run if PRESIDENG Trump runs. Another broken promise. No Benedict Ronald!!!