Doctors Allege Corruption and Mismanagement of COVID Pandemic Leaving Americans at High Risk for Vaccine Injury and Death

Doctors and scientists who participated in Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s (R) COVID-19 roundtable Wednesday shared their personal experiences of the federal government’s alleged corruption and mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic that they say have likely caused many more examples of serious vaccine injury and death for which Americans have no recourse.

During his opening remarks of his fifth COVID roundtable, titled “COVID-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries,” Johnson, who became an advocate for early treatment of the infection with repurposed drugs whose safety had been recognized for decades, said “one of the biggest casualties” of the pandemic was “modesty in admitting how much we don’t know.”

“I really want that sinking in, understand how much we don’t know about the body, about its response, about, quite honestly, our marvelous natural immunity and then how man’s interventions might just screw that up,” the senator added, emphasizing that, after speaking with many doctors and scientists early on, he saw their concerns that, in pushing the mRNA COVID shots, which the federal regulators call “vaccines,” the government ended up abandoning “caution.”

“A vaccine would have the body produce what we now believe is probably its own toxin,” Johnson said he came to understand could happen. “Some people recognized that, even back then.”


“Or, the dangers of mass vaccination in the midst of a pandemic that can drive variants,” he added.

Johnson invited representatives of the federal health agencies and drug companies to participate in the roundtable, but all declined to participate.

Among those who presented was Liz Willner, who created OpenVAERS, which made the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) safety data more accessible to Americans.

Willner explained that, according to VAERS, vaccine-related injuries in the United States increased 20-fold in 2021, while vaccine-related deaths rose nearly 50-fold.

Her chart showed, in the U.S., a 4,800% increase in reports of vaccine-related deaths in the last two years; a 2,876% increase in hospitalizations; a 2,050% rise in permanent disabilities; and a 2,108% surge in life-threatening events.

Willner said the VAERS data demonstrate a need for “investigation,” but that need was never satisfied.

“When we see signals we should be pausing and studying what’s happening,” she said. “We haven’t done that.”

Dr. Pierre Kory, founder and president of Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, explained during the roundtable discussion the suppression of early treatment drugs to boost Big Pharma:

One of the axioms of medicine is the focus on early treatment and applies to almost every disease model … We knew in this pandemic that it was critical we found something effective for early treatment. This is not the first coronavirus epidemic – we had SARS-CoV-1. There were drugs that were known to be effective, there were clinicians that were using them.

Kory said that, with the current coronavirus, “we had an entire health system that was telling us to stay home until our lips turned blue and to try nothing.”

“And what’s really sad about it is that the only thing they recommended was Tylenol, and, currently, we have well over three dozen compounds … the majority that are repurposed, and ‘repurposed’ means that these are drugs that were approved for another indication, and were found to have mechanisms that could be applied to a different disease,” he noted.

“So, there are plenty of drugs that have been shown to have antiviral properties,” he asserted, explaining:

And they were very quickly identified around the world and widely used not in this country. And there’s a simple reason for that. We live in a health system that is literally structured with incentives to preserve the market from patented pricey pharmaceutical products. Repurposed drugs are the enemy of the pharmaceutical industry, and we saw their powers and levers that they used here, and their suppression of early treatment drugs.

“We waited a year into this, at least until we rushed through, under emergency authorization, some pricey antivirals, all the while suppressing really effective, widely available, very safe track records of medicines like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin,” Kory observed, noting that, in what some might call third-world countries, the situation was vastly different:

And what I will say just to remark at how absurd this is, is that 30% of the planet lives in a country where ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine is not only in the National Guideline, but is widely used. But you do not see that in United States or in any advanced health economies. You look at Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, in all of those advanced health economies, where the pharmaceutical industry reigns supreme, you see the suppression of early treatment drugs.

Kory asserted that, had hydroxychloroquine been utilized early on, “many hundreds of thousands of Americans would still be alive today.”

Another presenter, pediatrician Dr. Renata Moon “found an intentionally blank package insert in a box of mRNA vaccine product she planned to administer to a child,” posted Johnson. “This is what passes as ‘informed consent’ under the leadership of the COVID cartel.”

Dr. David Gortler, a former senior advisor to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner, said during the roundtable, “I’m disheartened to see what’s going on with these vaccines, or gene therapy, as I constantly go back and forth labeling them one or the other.”

“But, even more upsetting, I can’t believe that the FDA, where I worked as a career medical officer, that I’m the only person, out of 20,000 employees … that’s here speaking out about this,” he said. “I don’t understand. These people took oaths. I don’t understand why other people aren’t speaking out.”

Johnson commented that the fact is, indeed, “truly alarming.”

“With over 13 billion doses of the Covid vaccine given worldwide, there still isn’t a vaccine label displaying its potential side effects,” the senator noted.

Internist, cardiologist, and pioneer of early treatment of COVID infection Dr. Peter McCullough wrote at his Substack column following his participation in the roundtable:

The session concluded our federal agencies were reckless, willfully blind, and failed to mitigate risk and protect Americans from injuries, disabilities, and death after vaccination. There was a call for removal of all COVID-19 vaccines from the market, dissolution of all mandates, and a pivot toward vaccine injury research and treatment. Let historians record.

Despite these deep concerns by experts of many fields, Daniel Horowitz noted at Conservative Review Wednesday that, “[t]o this day, Florida is the only state where the surgeon general who runs the health department is recommending against the COVID shots for younger people and is putting out informed consent information and warning the public about their safety in general.”

“Where are the other red-state health departments, and why do those GOP governors continue to publicly oppose Fauci but then have their health departments promote his handiwork?” Horowitz asked.

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Susan Berry, PhD, is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].




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