Ohio Representative: FBI Won’t Answer Allegation Vet-Led Preparedness Group Listed as Domestic Violent Extremists

by Madeleine Hubbard


GOP Rep. Jim Jordan says the FBI is not responding to his concerns about a whistleblower report claiming the agency has classified an emergency-preparedness group started by a former Green Beret as a “domestic violent extremism” organization.

Jordan, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, addressed his concerns in a letter sent Wednesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray — following one he sent in July about whistleblower allegations that the agency is “padding its domestic violent extremist data.”

Jordan says some violent extremists might identify with how the group, American Contingency, is cited in a leaked FBI guide. Another issue for the Ohio lawmaker, over which others have already been raising concerns, is the FBI saying such symbols as the “Betsy Ross Flag” and “2A,” short for the Second Amendment, are associated with violent extremism.

The group’s name did not appear in a search Thursday morning of the FBI’s Domestic Terror Watch list.

Former Green Beret Mike Glover, who founded the group in July 2020, has denied the FBI’s accusations of terrorism and spoken about his organization’s charity work during natural disasters.

The same month American Contingency was founded, the FBI concluded that the group “desires to assist Americans in preparing themselves for catastrophic events and not to overthrow the United States Government,” Jordan quoted an FBI report.

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