RFK Jr. Says He Supports Abortion Limits After Three Months of Pregnancy, But Spokesperson Walks Back Comment

by Madeleine Hubbard


Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he would support a ban on abortion after three months of pregnancy if elected president, but his spokesperson later said Kennedy “misunderstood” the question.

“I believe a decision to abort a child should be up to the women during the first three months of life,” Kennedy told NBC News on Sunday morning at the Iowa State Fair. When questioned further as to whether that meant implementing a federal ban at 15 or 21 weeks, he said yes.

“Once a child is viable, outside the womb, I think then the state has an interest in protecting the child,” he also said, adding “I’m for medical freedom. Individuals are able to make their own choices.”

A spokesperson later said: “Mr. Kennedy misunderstood a question posed to him by an NBC reporter in a crowded, noisy exhibit hall at the Iowa State Fair.”


Kennedy’s stance on abortion has “always” been in support of a woman’s right to choose and the Democratic candidate “does not support legislation banning abortion,” the spokesperson also said.

Kennedy has made headlines for making statements that are contrary to many politicians in the Democratic Party, such as voicing concerns about vaccines, speaking out against online censorship and calling for a corruption investigation of President Joe Biden.

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Image “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. On Stage” by RFK Jr.



Reprinted with permission from Just the News.

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