Farmer Protest Movements the Vanguard Against ‘Degrowth’ Green Agenda During EU Elections, Says MEP


The farmer movements are leading the charge against the “degrowth” agenda of the far-left and neo-liberal elites which has used the green agenda as a pretence to impoverish the people of Europe, a French Member of the European Parliament said.

Speaking to Breitbart London ahead of the European Parliament elections this week, Patricia Chagnon, an MEP for the populist National Rally (RN) party in France, said that the people are “waking up” to the realities of the green agenda, with the farmer movements leading the charge against the Brussels technocrats pushing it down the throats of the rest of Europe.

The farmer protests in Europe, which emerged in The Netherlands in 2019 as tractors poured out onto highways and shut down infrastructure in opposition to the EU-led plan to shut down thousands of farms to meet dubious biodiversity and nitrogen emissions targets, have spread throughout the entire bloc, with major protests being seen in Belgium France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland and elsewhere over the past year, alone.

















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