Anti-Science Biden Administration to End Protections for Girls Title IX Ensured in 1972

The Biden administration is determined to undermine the science of biology in order to bolster an activist political agenda that will serve up a manufactured concept of limitless “genders” with a side order of government-approved child-grooming opportunities.

The proposed Title IX rule, announced in June by Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, is designed to overturn the Trump administration’s desire to continue enforcement of Title IX’s protections for girls and women in education. Former President Donald Trump also ensured due process rights protections for those students accused of sexual misconduct.

On the 50th anniversary of Title IX, Cardona, who just last week blamed the continued plummeting of the performance of government school students over the last several decades on the Trump administration, hopes to do away with the original purpose of Title IX, as enacted in 1972, which was to ensure girls and women were not discriminated against, due to their biological sex, in education-related opportunities.

Now, the department’s proposed rule states it would:

Clarify that, unless otherwise provided by Title IX or the regulations, a recipient must not carry out any otherwise permissible different treatment or separation on the basis of sex in a way that would cause more than de minimis harm, including by adopting a policy or engaging in a practice that prevents a person from participating in an education program or activity consistent with their gender identity

To date, the proposed Biden administration rule has drawn over 349,000 comments ahead of its deadline for comments on September 12.


According to the German-owned Politico, Catherine Lhamon, who runs the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, said her agency is not likely to approve an extension to the deadline for comments, as requested by Republican lawmakers.

The organization SAVE says the Biden-Cardona-Lhamon rewrite of Title IX “seeks to transform the nation’s schools and universities according to a radical ideology.”

The group notes the six policy areas that will be affected by the regulation’s enforcement:

Due Process – referring to the rights of students, mostly males, accused of sexual misconduct on college campuses.

Free Speech and Pronoun Mandates – the proposed regulation would expand the definition of “sexual harassment” to encompass “unwelcome sex-based conduct” that can be evaluated “subjectively and objectively.”

Additionally, the rule would require that students be called by their “preferred” pronouns.

Women’s Sports – the proposed rule eliminates the original Title IX purpose of ensuring fairness to all regardless of biological sex.

Parental Rights – parents could lose their rights to prevent their children’s exposure to government school curricula based on gender ideology if the rule is enacted.

Bathroom and Locker Room Privacy – the rule would enforce males in female bathrooms and locker rooms, a situation that not only tosses privacy concerns out the window, but also presents clear safety issues.

Gender Transitioning – with its focus on “gender identities,” the proposed regulation would cement the demise of the biological family as the central element of American society.

Ryan Bomberger, who hails from a multiracial family and is co-founder, with his wife Bethany, of the life-affirming Radiance Foundation, emphasized at Townhall in mid-August that the proposed Title IX “takeover” will end up giving America “an extreme makeover.”

Observing enforcement of the Biden rule would mean “every gain in Title IX” for girls will be “wiped out by a pseudoscience that wants to erase women,” Bomberger continued:

Today, an extremist Biden administration has no regard for the meaning of words. The President’s proposed radical changes to Title IX render the actual text meaningless and turn federally funded schools into pronoun police and political propagandists for the LGBT lobby. Transgenderism has become this administration’s battering ram as it relentlessly tries to break down the walls of common sense.

Biden, Bomberger added, “wants to allegedly create a world ‘free of discrimination’ which, of course, requires a world that intensely discriminates in order to fulfill his LGBTQ+++ vision for America.”

“We have to mangle our language, deny basic biology, promote bodily mutilation, and cheer on blatant inequality in the name of ‘progress,’” the pro-life leader asserted. “While the Left obsesses over its emphasis on parts of speech, it dismisses the crucial importance of parts of our body.”

Similarly, Heritage Action for America warns Biden “has weaponized the federal rulemaking process to destroy biological sex and put our daughters in danger at school.”

“The impact of the changes to the Title IX rule will be lasting and our voices are more important now than ever,” observes the organization that values adherence to constitutional principles, limited government, and traditional American family values.

“If President Biden gets his way, not only will women and girls be forced to compete against biological men in sports, but they will also be put at risk in locker rooms, dorm rooms, and restrooms,” Heritage Action cautions.

Comments regarding the proposed regulation can be made here at the Federal Register website until September 12.

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Susan Berry, PhD, is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Miguel Cardona” by Miguel Cardona. 




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